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Weight Loss Success Story On Indian Low Carb High Fat Ketogenic Diet – Roshan Chouhan

Roshan weighed 105 kg, and was crippled by knee pain as it was too much load to carry. He could hardly climb one floor without panting and without a break in between. He was severely obese and was gradually inching towards being a fit case for bariatric surgery.

But who is Roshan? He is associated with  La Pink Café, the preferred meeting place of  Shashikant Iyengar & Anup Singh whenever Shashi is in Indore. This is where he overheard both talking about Indian Low carb High Fat diet and that’s where he got interested.

To cut the long story short, on the basis of all the inputs given to Roshan by Shashi, within six months Roshan was down by 30 kg and was at 75 Kg. He avoided bariatric surgery and that means he saved anywhere between Rs 3 to Rs 5 lacs, plus the associated complications of going under the knife. Here’s his story as he transitioned himself with the help of low carb diet from an overly obese to now a gym going fit man:

Indian LCHF Diet Success Story – OBESITY – Roshan Chauhan


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