Type 2 Diabetic Dropped 70u/day Insulin On LCHF Keto Diet – R Vijayasarthi’s Success Story

18+ years of Type 2 diabetes, A1C of 9.4, weight of 90 kg, micro albumin urea (MAU) of 100. Yes, that’s what the numbers were for R Vijayasarathi, Senior Vice President – Operations Quality CIPLA, before he ventured into Indian Low Carb High FAT – LCHF – Ketogenic diet.

He was injecting 70 units/day insulin (35 Units BID of 30/70). In addition, he was on oral antihyperglycemic and other pills. His medications before LCHF/Keto diet was as follows:

  1. Insulin 70 units / day (35 + 35)
  2. Metformin 1g twice a day
  3. Vildagliptin twice a day
  4. Cardace 10 once a day

It was evident that his diet + medications regimen was turning out to be completely ineffective. MAU increase meant that his kidneys were being compromised due to non-normal blood sugars. Insulin only worsened his weight gain problems.

Then, he finally decided in February 2018 that he has to take his health in his control instead of depending on the mainstream advice. He switched to Ketogenic diet and also included intermittent fasting in his schedule. In less than 100 days of this newfound lifestyle, following is what he achieved:

  1. 70 units/day insulin eliminated
  2. Vildagliptin eliminated
  3. Cardace eliminated
  4. Weight = 78.5 kgs
  5. Fasting: 121 – 130 mg/dL
  6. PPBS 112 -127 mg/dL
  7. Random : 92 – 105 (evening)
  8. MAU = 8
  9. HbA1C = 6.8%

His journey is available on the following link:

Indian IDDM Type 2 LCHF Keto Diet Success Story – R Vijayasarathi

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