Suresh, a 64 year old Type 2 Diabetic from Bangalore dropped 30u/day insulin and Jalra M on Indian LCHF Diet

Type 2 Diabetic Dropped 30u/day Insulin on Indian LCHF Diet – Suresh Gulwadi’s Success Story

Suresh Gulwadi (second from right in the pic above), is a 64-year-old Type 2 diabetic from Bangalore, and has a diabetic history of 25 years. With such a long history of diabetes, it is not unusual for a diabetic to be on insulin. He was injecting 30 units/day insulin and was on anti hyperglycemic pills like:

JALRA 50/500


And still, his A1C was 7.9. Not a pleasant feeling to be injecting twice daily and still struggle with A1C of 7.9 and a weight of 69 kg with mid-section obesity.

In about three months on Indian LCHF diet, his weight is down by 6 Kgs, waist down by 2 inches, all insulin off, Jalra off, and he is now only on Metformin. His success story, as at following link, has brought smiles on everyone’s face in the family. Despite dropping insulin and all other pills, his last reported A1C was 7.1

Indian IDDM Type 2 LCHF Diet Success Story – Suresh Gulwadi

His journey is not finished yet. He has just crossed the first milestone. His next destination is to get A1C below 6.5

But, one thing is for certain. Diabetes management is not about pills and insulin. It’s about limiting carbs intake as diabetics cannot handle carbs efficiently. So, why all experts push the nonsensical HIGH CARB LOW FAT diet to a diabetic is beyond anyone’s sane understanding. Perhaps, it’s all about the sales of insulin, drugs and all the grains to diabetics. A perfect example of securing personal profits at the expense of public health.

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