Shalini's Type 1 Diabetes Success Story on Indian Low Carb - LCHF - Diet

Type 1 – Juvenile – Diabetes Success Story On Indian Low Carb Diet — Shalini

While there are many junk articles circulating in the media to scare everyone against low-carb diet for managing diabetes, Shalini, a juvenile diabetic since the age of 11 months, proves that it is perfectly safe. American Diabetes Association (ADA) wants every diabetic to thrive on high carbs, and fat should be restricted to barely 30% of the calorie count. That’s ridiculous! Why should a diabetic be consuming 200 to 300 grams/day of carbs when (s)he cannot handle carbs.

Shalini’s mother, Dr Sarala Raju, is a registered MD. She switched her daughter to low-carb diet more than 30 months back. It is not surprising that Shalini, now 12+ years of age, is landing A1C of 5.5/5.7 for over 30 months now and is perfectly normal.

Only 1% of Type 1 diabetics globally land A1C of 5.5 or less. Her insulin doses are around 60% to 70% lower versus the HIGH CARB LOW FAT diet, and yet she is in that top 1% of world’s Type 1 diabetic achievers. Shalini’s detailed journey covering her success story on Indian LCHF diet is available on the following link:

Indian Type 1 Diabetes LCHF Diet Success Story – Shalini

This just goes to prove that the industry is determined to keep a diabetic on the edge by forcing a broken dietary guideline called HIGH CARB LOW FAT. No diabetic should technically be living on that diet.


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