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Type 1 – Juvenile – Diabetes Success Story On Indian Low Carb High Fat Diet — Srishti

Of the three successful juvenile diabetics on the community, Srishti is the second youngest type 1. She was detected as a diabetic at the young age of 4 years. Her mother, Sirisha Mantha, posts on the community.

The first line of treatment was the traditional high carb low fat diet and exogenous insulin. Unfortunately and predictably, that didn’t do too well. Srishti was gaining weight and her A1C was 8. It was a struggle to get it down below 7, while achieving a normal blood sugar always remained an impossible dream.

Type 1 diabetics are prone to diabetic ketoacidosis. This is precisely what is used as a weapon by endocrinologists and diabetologists to scare and discourage diabetics and / or their caretakers against the Low Carb high Fat or Keto diet for managing diabetes. Did this discourage Srishti’s parents to opt for low-carb diet for managing diabetes? Not at all!

Her mother started making changes to her diet slowly to aim for the low-carb zone. The results down the line were as expected. Her insulin doses dropped by 60%, unnecessary weight gain and mood swings stopped, and best of all — A1C hit 5.7 in the most recent report. The next target is to get it down to 5.6 max.

Her success story as shared by her mother is available at the following link:

Indian Type 1 Diabetes LCHF Diet Success Story – Srishti


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