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Reversing Type 2 Diabetes & Weight Loss On Indian LCHF Diet – S K Sharan’s Success Story

S K Sharan is currently 67 years of age and is a Type 2 diabetic from 1995 and his diabetes reversal journey began almost 20 years after that. His weight had climbed north of 105 Kg and he was on following medicines before he took a call to switch to Indian LCHF diet in August of 2015:

  1. Novorapid: 8U 3 times a day
  2. Lantus: 10U at bed time
  3. Invokana (100 mg): 1-0-0
  4. Januvia (100 mg): 1-0-0
  5. Triglimisave 2: 1-0-1

Despite the batter of drugs and insulin, his blood sugar levels and A1C were not normal and he was struggling with ever increasing weight. With unparalleled peer-to-peer support from community members on India’s largest and most active diabetes community, he could quickly eliminate items 3 and 4 from the list above. These two alone meant a savings of Rs 3000/month.

It took him around one year to eliminate all the insulin and triglimisave and was on Glycomet. Since more than 2 years now, he is maintaining A1C of 5.6/5.8 with expenses on medications reduced by Rs 60,000/annum.

This is the beauty of low-carb LCHF diet. What’s more amazing is the community support that he got on the dLife.in community. Obviously, all these  years before he switched to LCHF diet, he was sincerely following the advise that he got from diabetologists. We aren’t going to go into merits or demerits of such an advice. His success story is available on the following link:

Indian Type 2 Diabetes LCHF Diet Success Story – S K Sharan

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