Type 2 diabetes reversal success story on Indian LCHF Keto Diet Plan

Nandkumar Successfully Reversed His Diabetes After 30 Years On Indian LCHF Diet Plan

Nandakumar, 65 years of age, is from Hyderabad and a Type 2 Diabetic with a diabetes history of 31 years. His diabetes journey started with a Metformin pill and gradually progressed to a stage where he was taking eight oral pills and 35 units/day insulin. His medication regimen before he switched to Indian Low Carb High Fat — LCHF — diet included following, to be precise:

  1. Pantoprazole – 40 mg x 1,
  2. Metformin – 1 gm x 2,
  3. Glimepiride – 2 mg x 3,
  4. Voglibose – 0.5 mg x 3,
  5. Teneligliptin – 20 mg x 1,
  6. Atorvastatin – 10 mg x 1 (anti-cholesterol),
  7. Metoprolol – 25mg x 1,
  8. Telmisartan – 20 mg x 1 (for angina),
  9. Insulin (Humalog 50:50 – 35 units/day)

That is indeed a huge list of drugs. And, along the journey the doctor never old him to go on basal + bolus doses of insulin. Many medications in the above list were added due to complications of diabetes with blood sugars that are not normal.

Within six months of starting LCHF diet, he could eliminate bulk of oral pills and also reduce insulin doses by 20 units/day. The list of medications after LCHF diet include following:

  1. Metformin,
  2. Pantoprazole,
  3. Metoprolol (for angina),
  4. 10 units/day insulin

Despite huge reduction in medications and insulin, his last reported A1C was 6.0 His success story as posted on dLife.in:

Success Story Of Managing Type 2 Diabetes On Indian LCHF Diet – Nandakumar