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Indian Ketogenic Diet Diabetes Reversal & Weight Loss Success – Prabhuraman

Ketogenic diet iis not an easy diet to follow. It requires iron willed determination to stick to it as options are severely restricted. But, not for Prabhuraman. Diabetes runs in his family and it did not comes to him as a surprise when he was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, with an FBS of 152 mg/dL and PPBS of 200 mg/dL, on 14rth January of 2015. His frustration never saw an end as despite walking for 7 km/day his A1C never came down below 7.0 and peaked to 8.4

This is when he started scouting for solutions and landed on, the only Indian community by Diabetics, of Indian diabetics and for Indian diabetics. He did not waste time in realising that he has to make the transition to Indian Low Carb High Fat diet.

During the course, he decided to transition to Keto range, after seeing the initial benefits. Remember, the LCHF diet propagated on is not the same as Keto diet. Western sites use ketogenic and low carb diet interchangeably, but that’s not so on

The results that he got was nothing less than amazing. He dropped his weight, his A1C came down to what some would say even better than the regular numbers that one sees for non diabetics. For more on this story, check on the following link:

Type 2 Diabetes Reversal & Weight Loss Success Story On Indian LCHF Ketogenic Diet – Prabhuraman