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Reversed Type 2 Diabetes Successfully on Indian Low Carb High Fat – LCHF – Diet – Rahul Choubey

When someone is shown an A1C of 14+, it’s a rude shock. Such levels are a hallmark of UNCONTROLLED diabetes. This is where Type 2 diabetes history begins for Rahul Choubey on 27th Feb., 2018. 

He was diagnosed as a diabetic with A1C of 14.6 and a triglyceride level of 400. That indeed was a double whammy and as is usual with everyone at such levels, it was a nightmare of the worse kind.

His Indian Low Carb High Fat diet journey started on the 17th of April, 2018. There was only one goal in his mind. To get the blood sugar levels down to a non-diabetic range quickly in order to minimize the all round long-term damages that high blood sugars are associated with.

Switching to LCHF diet wasn’t difficult for him as the dLife.in community has a collection of over 1000 LCHF / Keto diet recipes. What’s more important is that these recipes are typically Indian. From here on, it was a matter of time, with regular and aggressive monitoring of PPBS readings and aiming for 120 max at 2 hrs.

Persistence and motivation always pays. He persisted and community members kept motivating him so that he doesn’t fall off the wagon. It’s not surprising that within three months, his A1C came crashing down to 7.1. No insulin was ever needed. Here’s his success story at the following link:

Indian Type 2 Diabetes LCHF Diet Success Story – Rahul Choubey

This journey is not finished yet, as his aim is to get A1C down to 5.6 max!



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