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Freedom From Type 2 Diabetes – Karuna’s Success Story On Indian Low-carb LCHF diet

Type 2 diabetes is perfectly manageable or reversible on Indian Low Carb High Fat diet plan. In most cases, the reversal is so great that we can call it freedom from Type 2 diabetes. Karuna‘s diabetes reversal success story is one of the 200+ that falls in the “Freedom From Diabetes” tag.

At the age of around 65, Karuna was detected diabetic with following numbers in December 2015:

  1. Fbs 120  mg/dL
  2. ppbs 173  mg/dL
  3. Hb1ac 7.3%

Despite best of efforts, her A1C stayed put at 7.0%. This is when she decided that she had to look for some alternative to aim for “Freedom From Diabetes“. This brought her to Indian Low-carb LCHF diet on — an Indian community by Indians and for Indians.

For over 2 years now, she has been maintaining A1C of 5.4% without any medications. That’s an amazing achievement — non diabetic numbers without any pills.

Her success story is at the following link:

Indian Type 2 Diabetes Remission on LCHF KETO Diet Success Story – Karuna

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