Diabetes Reversal & Weight Loss Success Story – Meena on Indian Low-carb LCHF Diet

Diabetes reversal success story on indian lchf diet

Meena is a Type 2 Indian diabetic. Her journey isn’t any different from a typical diabetic. Same old balanced diet, low fat diet, vegan diet etc. She went through everything and a stage came where she was being pushed to include pioz in the list of medications, despite all the HYPED diets that she was put on.

Also, her weight was moving north. She had literally tried everything that the doctor told, but decided to take control of her diabetes when she was being forced to add pioz.

She switched to Indian LCHF diet in 2013-2014. As a consequence, she avoided the dreaded pioz, lost 9 kg weight. Instead of narrating her diabetes reversal & weight loss success story, it would be worthwhile to go through her success story as narrated by her in her own words in the AV below:

Besides the video, take a look at her testimonial:


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