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Can Low Carb LCHF Keto Diet Successfully Cure Diabetes? A Look at Sandeep’s Reversal Story

If anyone claims that (s)he can CURE Diabetes, it’s a SCAM. Run away from the person or organization as fast as you can instead of gambling your money and health with a QUACK. However, Type 2 diabetes can be reversed successfully on Low Carb High fat (LCHF) or Keto Diet. Here’s the gist of reversal success story of an Indian diabetic (second from left in the picture above) with a diabetes history of over eight years.

Sandeep was faced with a harsh reality in 2010 when he was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes with a blood sugar of 400. For the next seven years, like every other diabetic in general, he sincerely followed the advice that he got from healthcare professionals. 

However, the only thing that happened was  that his medications kept on increasing and in December 2017 his A1C touched 9.6, despite medications like Janumet and Glimepiride for Diabetes, besides drugs for high cholesterol. He was being forced to go on Insulin. Meanwhile, his weight climbed to 92 kg.

As of August 2018, his diabetes control has been amazing on Indian Low Carb High Fat keto diet. The summary of achievements in his own words are as follows:

  1. HbA1C dropped from 9.6% to 5.0%.
  2. Janumet and Glimepiride were eliminated completely.
  3. Triglycerides dropped from 326 mg/dl to 95 mg/dl without any medications.
  4. Fasting Insulin dropped to around 5 µU/ml.
  5. Weight dropped from 92 kg to 75 kg

This is not just a one off success story. The community at dLife.in boasts of 200+ such success stories of Indian diabetics reversing theory Type 2 diabetes and also go through weight loss effortlessly.

More about Sandeep’s story on the following link:

Indian Type 2 Diabetes LCHF Diet Success Story – Sandeep Sharma

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