Can Diabetics Have Mango As Part Of Indian LCHF Meal Plan?

On we follow LCHF or Keto diet for managing diabetes, weight loss, reducing insulin resistance, PCOS and other metabolic syndrome related issues. For us, LCHF is not the same as Ketogenic diet. Keto diet is a subset of Low Carb High Fat — LCHF — diet in general. The differences are clearly underlined.

Obviously, Mangos are ruled out for anyone on Ketogenic diet, reason being the carb restriction being too aggressive in order to stay in nutritional ketosis. A look at the nutritional facts of mangos will make it even more self explanatory. 100 grams of mangos adds up 13.66 grams is sugar of which 4.68 is fructose.

Whereas vegan warlocks recommend 1kg Mango a day to diabetics, we consider it absolute insanity. 1 Kg mangoes would mean 136.6 grams sugar, of which 46.8 gm is fructose. Such high amount of sugar and fructose is toxic beyond doubt, not just for diabetics but even for a non diabetic.

So what’s the workaround?

I have always maintained that nothing is restricted on Indian LCHF diet as long as one is mindful of the carb intake per meal and per day, and remains within the day’s quota of carbs. Also, one has to keep an eye on days intake of fructose and not exceed 15g/day preferably. Those who are struggling with fatty liver, gout, high uric acid problems etc., please skip this article.

For others on non keto LCHF diet, it is all about innovating. I had posted a recipe titled You Can Enjoy Mangos Too and this comes based on the guiding principles noted above. A 700+ kcal/serving recipe that allows a diabetic to enjoy the King of fruit during the season. Here is the macro distribution and the proximates charts for the recipe:

Recipe Macros

mango recipe macros 1024x847 - Can Diabetics Have Mango As Part Of Indian LCHF Meal Plan?

Proximate details

mango recipe proximates 1024x312 - Can Diabetics Have Mango As Part Of Indian LCHF Meal Plan?

24.5 g net carbs, 23.6 g sugar of which 6.26 g is fructose for a 720 kcal serving size (~14% carbs) falls well within the 20% carbs limit that we follow on LCHF diet. Pair this recipe with a cheese omelette and you have a 1050+ kcal meal with Keto ratio of 1.4+.  Vegetarians can pair with this recipe and to get a 950+ kcal meal. So, a close to 1000 kcal meal with around 16% carbs energy is well within the limits of carbs on Indian LCHF diet.

Obviously, one will need to check their tolerance levels and adjust the portion size. This is not a one-size-fits-all proposition/recipe.

Tracking The Macros, Proximates, Vitamins & Minerals

Are you overwhelmed by the thought of tracking macros, proximates, minerals etc., as highlighted above? Well, it doesn’t need a PhD to do it as we have integrated a unique module called dLife FoodLog, which comprises of following three sub-modules:

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