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A Pabari: Reversed Type 2 Diabetes Naturally On Indian Low-carb LCHF Keto Diet

A Pabari from Mumbai  is Type 2 diabetic since September 2013. In March 2017, his HbA1C clocked 12.8% and by June his weight climbed up to 97 Kg.

He set off on Indian low-carb LCHF diet in June 2017, much against the opposition of family members due to the HIGH FAT dogma that sticks like plague, despite no evidence. Since he had to convince his family members, he went for frequent testing.

After two months on Low carb High fat diet, HBA!C dropped to 6.5%. HDL increased to 49 mg/dL from the previous value of 35. Most importantly, his Triglycerides fell like a rock from a high of 275 to 150 mg/dL. This was a great improvement.

One month after this, his A1C dropped to 6.0% and TG dropped to 100 mg/dL.

Finally, in August 2017, he was completely off all medications and continues to be medications free even now.

His detailed success story is on the following link:

Indian Type 2 Diabetic’s Reversal Success Story on LCHF KETO Diet – Aashish

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