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1000+ Indian LCHF Diet Recipes & Meal Plans For Diabetes & Weight Loss – Vegetarian & Non Vegetarian

Almost all low carb high fat (LCHF) diet recipes on western boards are towards ketogenic diet as LCHF and Ketogenic have been used interchangeably. So, almost every other Indian recipe is a tweak of such recipes. However, on there has been a clear demarcation set between Indian LCHF diet and Ketogenic diet.

Since the common understanding of LCHF diet is based on western boards, a large population of Indian diabetics and obese find it challenging to switch to LCHF WOE (Way of Eating). However, since the definition of LCHF on is not in agreement with the usual (and wrong in our opinion) definition in vogue, Indians found it easier to switch to.

What’s more important is the fact that a large majority of the recipes are posted by Indian Diabetics who have mastered the art and science of Low Carb diet for managing and reversing diabetes successfully and also achieve weight loss to shed the excess flab off.

1000+ Indian Low Carb High Fat & Ketogenic diet recipes for diabetes reversal and weight loss are available on the community spread across different sections as linked below:


For close to 200 recipes the exact macro calculations are also made. All future content growth of recipes sections will be with macro calculations.